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RIZZO Maintains A Committee Of Engineers And Geoscientists Tasked With Project Management, Technical Leadership, Business Development, And The Realization Of Our Client's Goals And Our Corporate Objectives.

Cagri Cinkilic, P.E.


Mr. Cinkilic has eight years of professional experience in the area of Geotechnical and Structural Engineering. Mr. Cinkilic’s expertise includes soil-structure interaction analyses for nuclear power plant structures, seismic probabilistic risk assessment related fragility calculations, geotechnical field investigation program, settlement, bearing capacity and liquefaction analyses, subsurface characterization, and numerical methods applied to geotechnical problems. Mr. Cinkilic is an accomplished remote pilot with experience as the pilot-in-command of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). He has developed RIZZO’s UAS operations using years of engineering experience and a deep understanding of applications. His experience with flight operations, coupled with his strong technical skills bring clients valuable insight into their operations.

Diego Rivera, P.E.


Mr. Rivera has over 10 years of experience in civil, foundation, geotechnical, seismic, and structural engineering and design for large power plant structures, concrete and steel buildings, and mechanically stabilized earth and concrete walls. Mr. Rivera’s expertise also includes dam engineering (design and analysis) and dam safety inspection. He has significant experience in the planning and execution of geotechnical field investigations, preparation of design and construction specifications, and preparation of bid documents.

Juan Gutierrez, Ph.D., P.E.


Dr. Gutierrez is a senior engineer at RIZZO with nearly 10 years of professional experience. Dr. Gutierrez has specific expertise in geomechanical analysis, forensic analysis of foundations, settlement analysis, soil liquefaction analysis, and bearing capacity analysis. He also has experience in the planning and execution of field geotechnical investigations and advanced geotechnical analysis and numerical modeling for slope stability and static and dynamic soil-structure interaction analyses.

M. Logan Cline, Ph.D.


Dr. Cline is the chief geoscientist at RIZZO, and has more than 15 years of applied research and consulting experience emphasizing active tectonics, tectonic geomorphology, and hillslope geomorphic processes. This work has specifically included exploratory trenching and landform mapping to identify and differentiate landsliding and faulting. Dr. Cline’s experience in hillslope evolution ranges from the mapping of significant slope hazards including debris flows and landslides, to the development of numerical models of slope evolution.

Michael F. Rosenmeier, Ph.D.


Dr. Rosenmeier is a geoscientist with nearly 25 years of combined professional experience in consulting and academia. He presently serves as chief hydrogeologist at RIZZO and is the practice lead and project management lead for water resources related projects. Dr. Rosenmeier’s specializations include general geology and engineering geology, hydrogeology, stable isotope and low temperature geochemistry, soils and geomorphology, water resources management, watershed hydrology and geochemical mass balance modeling, limnology, and hydro-climatology. At RIZZO, Dr. Rosenmeier provides technical expertise and project management for various dams and water resources, power generation, infrastructure, and mining-related projects.

Yigit Isbiliroglu, Ph.D., P.E.


Dr. Isbiliroglu has extensive experience with soil-structure interaction analyses for nuclear power plant structures and with seismic probabilistic risk assessment related fragility calculations for mechanical and electrical equipment, structures, and distribution systems. Dr. Isbiliroglu has also led seismic margin analyses in support of mitigating strategies assessments, and performed seismic walkdowns of electrical and mechanical components.

Tyler Warren


Mr. Warren is the Chief of Construction and Testing Services for RIZZO. He is an accomplished Construction Project Manager with international civil infrastructure project experience and proven record of accomplishment while leading teams during challenging construction projects due to remote locations, schedule, logistics, and the type of construction work. He has a degree in Construction Management and over 10 years working in the construction industry, he has built a reputation for managing both self-performed and subcontracted work to include staying under budget, within schedule, and executed both safely and to the highest levels of quality standards.

Wais Aria


Mr. Aria is an engineering associate with RIZZO, specializing in water resources and project management with more than 11 years of experience with public and private international organizations. Skilled in the analysis, management and construction of multi-million dollar projects and large grants, including USAID, World Bank and Asian Development Bank funded projects.